Yamamoto Reunion 2016

Celebration in honor of Professor Yamamoto

We celebrate in honor of Professor Yoshihisa Yamamoto's retirement, and his achievements in teaching and research, on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Stanford University.

The technical events will take place in CISX 101 Auditorium starting at 10:30am.
Lunch, dinner banquet and social events will be held at the MacKenzie Room in Huang Engineering Building, located across Spilker Building. Dinner will start at around 6:00pm.


Coffee & Intro10:00 AM[ CISX 101 Auditorium ]
Technical 1: Quantum dots and nanosystems
Kai-Mei Fu 10:40 AMDefects in solids: Highly homogeneous 2D and 0D potentials for spins
Glenn Solomon 11:00 AM Semiconductor quantum dots and related stuff
Stanley Pau 11:20 AMMicrosystem Technologies Research
Aykutlu Dana 11:40 AMNanomaterials meet scanning probes at UNAM: How I spent the last decade in Ankara
Lunch-time Presentation[ MacKenzie Room, Huang Engineering Building ]
Charlie Santori 12:15 PM  Y-Group Graduate Careers
Technical 2: The Polariton Laser Vision
David Snoke 2:00 PMpolariton condensates and polariton lasers
Hui Deng 2:20 PMpolariton laser and its coherence properties
Sven Hoefling 2:40 PM Towards practical polariton lasers: current status and perspective
Technical 3: Quantum information on the horizon
Debbie Leung 3:00 PMWhen does a quantum channel have quantum capacity?
Hiroki Takesue 3:20 PMA Coherent Ising Machine
WillOliver 3:40 PM Engineering Quantum Systems
Afternoon Break4:00 PM 
Y-Grouper Journeys
Robert Liu4:20 PMScience at the Intersections: From Quantum Electron Optics to Social Neuroscience
Jungsang Kim 4:40 PM From a Physicist to a System Engineer: Building Complex yet Practical Systems
Matthew Pelton 5:00 PMWhat I've done since leaving Y-group
Ike Chuang 5:20 PMQuantum and Education - Journey and Culture
Banquet / Social Events 6:00 PMMacKenzie Room, Huang Engineering Building
The Stanford campus map [PDF] gives an overview of the campus and shows the availability of visitor parking.